A side view of Yuki Yamamoto in "Advanced work"

Koyata Washida (philosopher) / 2014
Not always, but in any genre, meeting "Advanced work" can make me nervous. One is about the future of the work, and the other is about myself being threatened by the work.
In painting, my anxiety and surprise culminated when I encountered the works of Van Gogh and Mondrian, both born in the Netherlands and active in Paris. I was a teenager. Since then, their works have become the basis of my appreciation of paintings regardless of their concrete abstractions.

Although Van Gogh (1853 ~ 90) left many masterpieces behind, he died unknown and in anxiety.Mondrian (1872 ~ 1944) cuts modern art with "composition" (1921).They have shaken the world with knives called "discontinuity".
In the 1970s, I read out the "Writings in General Linguistics" by Soscheur(1916), and I came to recognize Mondrian again.
"Variance" and "absoluteness of the relationship" are the keywords of the latest philosophy.
I think that Mondrian in the world of philosophy is Soscheur.

It was my first time to appreciate Yamamoto's work "Ambiguous Bubbles" (2009) and to see his past work "Invisible,Visible" again that made me feel uneasy and peaceful (healing).
Yamamoto's works are also contemporary, premised on "Variance" and "absoluteness of the relationship".
But it's in stark contrast to Mondrian.
This is because the composition of Yamamoto's series of "Bubble" ideologically leads to "On" by Plato, the founder of philosophy, and "Monad" by Leibniz, the representative of modern philosophy.
Both are monomorphic "primordium" and are said to be "entity" that are everywhere but nowhere to be seen.

Yamamoto's works seem to attempt to express a "multilayered nondeterminism(by Takaaki Yoshimoto) " relationship, such as the expression of organic from inorganic sources like DNA, the expression of life from organic sources, the expression of leaps and bounds, incomplete and complete, and defects and omissions.
However, I think that I am not the only person who feels the anticipation of the "Advanced work" and the inevitable anxiety by looking at the works that try to expresses the idea of "The Visible and the Invisible(by Merlot Ponti)" in "harmonious".